About Altus Sport

ALTUS SPORT is a locally registered NGO-NPO based in Pretoria and has 21 years of experience in the sport for development field and works with global partners such as Streetfootballworld, FIFA FFH, NIKE ‘Designed-to-Move, GIZ and the Women Win / Standard Charter’s ‘Goal’ project.

Altus Sport is recognized and supported by local government authorities such as the Department of Education, Health, Gauteng Province Department of Sport and Local Metro Municipality. It focusses on disadvantaged township and rural communities where poverty levels, crime, HIV/AIDS prevalence, teenage pregnancy, rape, violence, bullying, drugs, alcohol and unemployment are high.

ALTUS SPORT is a locally registered NGO-NPO based in Pretoria

In response to these issues Altus Sport implements a sustainable sport educational programme which aims to assist kids and coaches in these developing communities to expand their sporting environment and equip them in making positive choices in life.

Unemployed youth in the township areas are identified and trained in the “Life’s a ball” programme on a monthly basis in basic coaching, leadership, life skills, innovation, project management, gender equality, Olympism, employability and social entrepreneurship. These trained coaches then offer sport-based lessons to disadvantaged kids addressing health, environment, basic financial literacy, read & write sessions and chess which are combined with everyday life skill values.

Sessions are implemented at selected schools, community grounds and disabled centres. Additionally, leagues, tournaments, fun days and leadership camps are regularly provided.

Altus Sport is a new addition to the Women Win (WW) portfolio. Their ‘Goal’ programme involves a sport skills education curriculum designed for girls aged 8-12 living in underserved communities. The programme builds on the leadership skills of 500 adolescent girls teaching them critical facts about health, violence, communication, rights and managing their personal finances.