Re Mmogo Togetherness Conference


Safe Space

Re Mmogo Togetherness Conference

Altus Sport the Olympic Study Centre, University of Johannesburg are striving to build a network of service providers which facilitates togetherness and positive values in our schools and communities. In partnership with the Standard Charted Foundation, Futuremakers and Women Win, global leaders in girls’ empowerment which leverages the power of play to help girls build strong moral values and leadership skills.

With the power of compassion and Olympic values the conference aims to bring togetherness in our environment – we are all in it together! We believe compassion allows us to realize our role in something much larger than ourselves. It allows us to forget our selfish desires and to strive to better the lives of all.

We believe that a compassionate environment will be a peaceful and safe environment.

A compassionate environment is only possible when every man, women and child treats others as they wish to be treated ….. with dignity, equity and respect.

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18 June 2022