Street Soccer

Streetsoccer01-300x123Altus Sport became involved in Streetsoccer after a contingent from Germany visited one of our development programmes and invited us to send a team to the Streetsoccer World Cup in Berlin in 2006. Our Amastrata-strata team excelled by reaching the final and then lost against MYSA, Kenya, in a penalty kick-out.

In a revenge game in South Africa in 2007, the Amastrata=strata team beat MYSA, which motivated  our players in continuing various leagues in all our areas. Currently various leagues, under 15 & 17, are being played in Gauteng North.

General information and rules for playing

  • Number of players per team:  8 a-side – 5 playing 3 rotating
  • Should be mixed-gender (preferably)  –  discuss prior to the game
  • There is no referee – make provision for an arbitrator/convenor should the players not reach consensus among themselves
  • End result does only depend on the game result, but points are added on the Life Skill Score Card

A game has 4 halves

1st half

  • Prior to every game, the finer rules are determined by the players themselves

2nd half

  • Playing for 6 min (or as decided before the game)

 3rd half

  • Playing for 6 min (or as decided before the game)

4th half

  • Completing the Life Skill Score Card
  • Semi-finals and finals at tournaments could last 20 minutes @ 10 min a-side
  • Replacements of players: As many as possible during practising and fun games.  In tournaments a team will consist of 8 players i.e., 5 players plus 3 for replacements/reserves to rotate regularly
  • Field measurement: 25m X 15m        Goals: 3m wide and 1m high
  • Use cones/plastic bottles for corners, lines and goals
  • Fair play a priority – no fouls/insults (always apply respect, friendship and peace principles)
  • Assist a counterpart up from the ground after an unintentional tackle – shake hands!
  • Skill dribbling and passing important