I dont need violence to stand up for MYSELF!

Case Study: Keamogetswe Chipu

My name is Keamogetswe Chipu, I am 10 years old and attend school at Tshimollo Primary School. I live with my granny and 5 other siblings in a rural part of Mamelodi called Naledi. The government house has 4 bedrooms, but I share a room and bed with my granny and sister.

I joined Altus Sport through a friend because she said that they play rugby and I really love playing rugby. This made my heart happy because the boys didn’t allow me to play with them, at least in the programme we have equality. Initially, I joined Altus Sport because I thought it could help me make my own choices without anyone telling me what choices to make but I quickly realized that there was a lot more available to me. My coach Theo said that “I have a significant lack of discipline and that I am also bully, not just to other children but to my closest friends.” But I knew that because I don’t like people telling me what to do. I have now not only stopped bullying other children, but I have also learned how to stand up for myself without being a bully or violent.

Everything that I have learned at Altus Sport has made me wake up and try and do better every day. Very soon I will become a young woman and I want to be that leader that can help other younger girls when they start their menstruation cycles. I have learnt more leadership skills through this programme and one day I will make a difference in my community by building a library that will be safe space for everyone.

All the life skills I have learnt made me want to do more so I became part of the group that took responsibility for the market garden. My teacher Mam Kgomo said “that if we take good care of the veggie garden it will also teach us respect and cleanliness in our personal lives.” That is what I live by everyday now.

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