Altus Sport Changed Me


I am Dimpho Mokoena a participant in the GOAL program.

My Most Significant Change Story            

Altus Sport changed the situation I was in. I was a bully and overly aggressive towards my family and friends. I was very ugly towards them. I called then names, pushed them out of my way and sometimes even stole their pocket money. Altus Sport changed me to not do those things anymore. I do not know why I did it, but I now know that I was wrong. I have asked everyone for forgiveness, and I told them that I am sorry.

I never thought Altus Sport would change me but my coach Mbali proved me wrong. I am now a friendly person and have more friends. I have learnt many things through this GOAL programme, and I am so happy!

I love Altus Sports.

I was a bully and I never thought that I could change but I did. All people can change if you have the right people helping you!

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