Life’s a Ball


“Life’s a Ball” is derived from the old English saying: “Have a ball of a time!” It symbolizes fun, enjoyment but more importantly “to live a quality life” utilizing the ball as an educational tool.


Life’s a Ball

  • is a holistic approach to sport participation
  • it is an adaptable concept
  • it enhances sport skill development
  • it promotes personal growth
  • provides tools for making positive choices
  • it is a fun-filled!


The Life’s a Ball pillars:

  • SPORT,

Let's Coach!

Sport ManagementYouth Sport Forum


Altus Sport was established in 1995, in order to combine the expertise, skills and knowledge of our management team.

Our members have a vast field of experience from rural areas to top international presentations, striving to unify, develop, educate and transform sport on all levels.

Altus Sport strives to contribute towards the great need of knowledge and empowerment as stipulated in the Government’s White Paper for Sport.

Altus Sport is a national service provider, functioning in line with the South African Qualification Authority, of which its members are registered facilitators,  assessors and moderators at THETA, as well as professional coaches.

Altus Sport members were authors of two sport training manuals of the SA Sports Commission, as well as educational booklets for the SA Olympic Committee and the Gauteng North Sport Council.

Topics vary from Club Management, Finances, Meetings, Communication, Compiling a Business Plan, Handling Conflict, Marketing & Fundraising, Event Management, Team Building to Coaching and Fitness Training
A few organisations for which projects were presented:

  • SA Sports Commission
  • SA Olympic Committee
  • Johannesburg Metro
  • Tshwane Metro
  • Tshwane University of Technology
  • University of Pretoria
  • SASSU (SA Student Sport Union)
  • USSASA (United School Sports Association of SA)
  • Gauteng Academy and Department of Sport
  • Mpumalanga Academy and Department of Sport
  • North West  Department of Sport
  • North West and Gauteng North Departments of Education
  • Limpopo Department of Sport

Youth Sport Leaders working on a task.

The Youth Sport Forum consists of representatives from the Local Sport Councils, Federations and other relevant structures. Their age ranges from 17 – 28 years


Empowering the youth in becoming responsible leaders.

Mission statement

Social change and development by empowering youth through sports, arts and culture.


  • Good management skills
  • Unity
  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Passion

  • Accountability
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty and
  • Team work


  • Research the root of the problem
  • Include stakeholders in the project
  • Identify problems to be able to execute the project
  • Implement the allocated projects (project analysis)
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate activities

Let's Move

Designed to MoveStreet SoccerActivities for DisabledImbewu Project- Mamelodi

Streetsoccer01-300x123Altus Sport became involved in Streetsoccer after a contingent from Germany visited one of our development programmes and invited us to send a team to the Streetsoccer World Cup in Berlin in 2006. Our Amastrata-strata team excelled by reaching the final and then lost against MYSA, Kenya, in a penalty kick-out.

In a revenge game in South Africa in 2007, the Amastrata=strata team beat MYSA, which motivated  our players in continuing various leagues in all our areas. Currently various leagues, under 15 & 17, are being played in Gauteng North.

General information and rules for playing

  • Number of players per team:  8 a-side – 5 playing 3 rotating
  • Should be mixed-gender (preferably)  –  discuss prior to the game
  • There is no referee – make provision for an arbitrator/convenor should the players not reach consensus among themselves
  • End result does only depend on the game result, but points are added on the Life Skill Score Card

A game has 4 halves

1st half

  • Prior to every game, the finer rules are determined by the players themselves

2nd half

  • Playing for 6 min (or as decided before the game)

 3rd half

  • Playing for 6 min (or as decided before the game)

4th half

  • Completing the Life Skill Score Card
  • Semi-finals and finals at tournaments could last 20 minutes @ 10 min a-side
  • Replacements of players: As many as possible during practising and fun games.  In tournaments a team will consist of 8 players i.e., 5 players plus 3 for replacements/reserves to rotate regularly
  • Field measurement: 25m X 15m        Goals: 3m wide and 1m high
  • Use cones/plastic bottles for corners, lines and goals
  • Fair play a priority – no fouls/insults (always apply respect, friendship and peace principles)
  • Assist a counterpart up from the ground after an unintentional tackle – shake hands!
  • Skill dribbling and passing important

Coming soon!

Coming Soon!

Let's Read!

Let’s Read is an educational project aimed at developing English literacy skills of learners aged 7-10, with ball skills.


Coming Soon!

Let's Lead!

Let's Think!

Lerato, our very talented Chess coach, teaching the children the rules of the game.